'Providing total solution of design, analysis,
fabrication and measurement of various gears and reducers’
We have design, analysis, and measurement technologies for various types of teeth, such as Helical gear,
bevel gear,hypoid gear, face gear, worm gear, cycloid gear, harmonic drive, scroll compressors and screw compressors, etc.

Providing a comprehensive solution to design, analyze, manufacture and measure various kinds of gears, cams, compressors and reducers.


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We are a high-tech company that designs, analyzes and produces power transmission devices and gears which are key components of electric vehicles, the defense industry, the industrial equipment, and the robotics.

Design and Analysisn of Precise Tooth Profile
Accurate (Shape) Design and Stress Analysis of Gear Tooth Based on Mathematical Modeling

Engineering applicable to various fields
Strengthening the competitiveness of delivery, quality, price, etc. based on 1:1 engineering that meets customer needs

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