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Hourglass Worm Gear Paralloid Gear Research and Development Gear interpretation

Paralloid Gear

Newly invented Hourglass Gear with parallel axes power transmission

- A new type of gear has been developed that can be used as the most demanding (50% of the total gear market) parallel axis power transfer gear (Figure 3).
- A new type of gear drive which has New Geometry for worm wheel and parallel axes has been invented and called ‘Paralloid Gear’.
- Gear Ratio of Single Stage ; 2.0:1 to 15.0:1, Max. Input speed ; 3000rpm to 8000rpm
- Center Distance between Input and Output ; 20.0 to 400.0mm (up to machine size)
- Mirror surface finishing technology can provide lower friction and higher input speed.
- Because the new gear has more tooth contact due to a hourglass shaped worm and better contact characteristics than helical gear or worm pair, it could be a good replacement of typical helical gear.

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