'Providing total solution of design, analysis,
fabrication and measurement of various gears and reducers’
We have design, analysis, and measurement technologies for various types of teeth, such as Helical gear,
bevel gear,hypoid gear, face gear, worm gear, cycloid gear, harmonic drive, scroll compressors and screw compressors, etc.

Purchase Guide

"Paralleloid gear is designed to provide the best solution for your customers.
We're always doing our best."

1. Specification confirmation and order procedure

2. Delivery method

- Direct delivery, freight, and delivery by region or quantity of orders

3. Exchange and refund

- Refunds and exchanges are possible if the product is different from the ordered product or if manufacturing defects occur. In the case of defects caused by customer's handling carelessness (installation, construction, operation, etc.) or errors caused by specification selection mistakes and incorrect orders, it is not allowed to be exchanged or

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