'Providing total solution of design, analysis,
fabrication and measurement of various gears and reducers’
We have design, analysis, and measurement technologies for various types of teeth, such as Helical gear,
bevel gear,hypoid gear, face gear, worm gear, cycloid gear, harmonic drive, scroll compressors and screw compressors, etc.

Hourglass Worm Gear Paralloid Gear Research and Development Gear interpretation

Research and Development

Securing Optimal Gear Profile Design Technology through Mathematical Modeling Having programming and simulation technology required for precision processing Having a new type of gear and manufacturing through innovation
- Mathematical model of Tooth Profile based on gear theory
- Optimal design for low noise/low vibration in addition to mathematical modelling
- Optimization design based on the analysis technology of gears
- Precision processing by 5-axis CNC machine Tool
- Improved machining precision by simplifying tool geometry
- Self-Development of Three-Dimensional Measurement Program for the Gear Tooth Profile
- Ultra-precision machining by application of optimal tool path planning
- Development of the mirror-surface finishing process, which can break the limits of traditional performance of gears
- The invention of a new parallel-axial power transfer gear based on cross-axial Hourglass worm gear

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