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We have design, analysis, and measurement technologies for various types of teeth, such as Helical gear,
bevel gear,hypoid gear, face gear, worm gear, cycloid gear, harmonic drive, scroll compressors and screw compressors, etc.

Hourglass Worm Gear Paralloid Gear Research and Development Gear interpretation

Hourglass Worm Gear

Hourglass Worm Gear(Double enveloping Worm Gear Drive)

- Crossed-axes gear with Hindley tooth profile
- Wide range of reduction gear ratios; 2.5:1 to 250.0:1
- High efficiency, high strength.
- Low noise, small size
- Max. Input Speed; 3600rpm to 6000rpm
- Center distance: 20.0 to 450.0 mm (up to machine size)
- Applying the newly developed optimal tool path search algorithm, the machining error drastically reduces from 20 μm to 0.1 μm.
- Uniquely developed mirror surface machining allows both worm and wormwheel teeth to be processed into a mirror-like surface to ensure maximum precision, the lowest friction and increasing the maximum input speed to 10,000 rpm.

Hourglass Worm Gear Cylindrical Worm Gear
Characteristic Worm and wheel enveloping each other with crossed axes More number of teeth in simultaneous contact Good lubrication due to Vertical Contact Line Wheel enveloping worm with Crossed axes Average number of teeth in simultaneous contact is similar to other gears Bad lubrication due to Horizontal Contact Line
Pros and cons 3 times stronger against shock, High efficiency, High gear ratio, Low NVH and Compactness, Low frictional heat, Longer life and No back-drive Not strong against external shock, Low efficiency, High gear ratio, No compactness, Low NVH, High frictional heat, Shorter life and No back-drive
kinds According to thoth profile there are six types of Hindley, Ueda, Plane, K (Sumitomo), Helical, and Roller. According to tooth profile there are 5 types of I, A, N, K, C
Applied field Automation system, Elevator, Compressor, Pump, Rolling m/c, forging m/c, Drug/Food machinery, Extruder, Injection m/c, Landing Gear, Steering system for Vehicle, Electric Vehicle, Heliostat for sun power, Wind Turbine, Radar, Gun Turret, Missile, Thermal/nuclear Power generation

Mass Production Technology for Hourglass Worm Gear

Form Rolling Hob Cutting
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